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  • How does Tron Pot PVP Jackpot work?

  • Principle

    Players place bets in order to get chances to win the Jackpot. The jackpot is formed by the total amount of players bets, less the house fee. The more TRX you bet, the more tickets you get to increase your percentage of participation to win the jackpot. In example, if player A bets 100 TRX and player B bets 900 TRX, player A will have 10% chances to win the jackpot, while player B will have 90% chances.

  • Minimum Bet

    The minimum bet is 10 TRX, but due to the cost in energy to execute the transaction when you bet, we suggest to place bets of at least 100 TRX.

  • Duration of the game

    The Jackpot draws a winner every 1 minute. Your bet could be placed in the next game if you are late, so pay attention to the timing.

  • Can I place more than 1 bet?

    You can place as many bets as you want, from 1 or more addresses.

  • How safe is Tron Pot?

  • How is the winner determined?

    The Tron Pot smart contract contains an algorithm that generates a random number. Such number will match one of the tickets assigned to players when they bet. This process is completely automated and handled by the smart contract. We cannot modify the parameters of the algorithm.

Tronpot PVP Jackpot Rules

Tronpot is a PVP jackpot system that allows players to bet for a chance to win the jackpot. The more you bet, the higher the probabilities to win you have.

The Jackpot is formed by the sum of all players bets

Minimum bet is 10 TRX

The Jackpot will draw a winner every 1 minute.

Winner is determined automatically by generating a random number. The entire Jackpot goes to the winner less the house fee(5%).

In case only 1 player participates, fee will not apply and player gets back the entire amount of bet.

All jackpot operations are handled by a smart contract on the Tron blockchain. Guaranteed fair.